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At the New Bond Enterprises (NBE), we endeavour to offer a premium experience to our valued customers with our quality Roll-Your-Own (RYO) products and other smoking related items such as storage jars. Our wide range of pre-rolled cones is made as per international standards and we deploy 100% organic materials for it. We consider it our prime responsibility to provide maximum level of enjoyment for you. We manufacture all our cones in-house and maintain all the necessary quality checks needed to provide you awesome quality cones. We create new products consistently. We update our customers on a regular basis with the new ways of smoking to enhance their experience.

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The Company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of Pre Rolled Paper Cones, Jars containing products in markets outside of the India. Its segments include US European Union (EU); Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa (EEMA); Asia, and Latin America & Canada. The Company’s portfolio of international and local brands is led by NBE


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At NBE we believe in delivering 100% satisfaction to our customers with our fast delivery of your cones. We keep the lead time between placement of your order and its delivery to a bare minimum. We have an advanced service of fastest delivery in United States and across Canada, due to our wide distribution network. Simply place an order for your favorite cones from our vast range of options and it will be delivered in no time.


Available in different sizes and variants, we have something in store for everyone. You can find pre-rolled cones of brands like NBE at our website. Isn’t it amazing? Well, you can customize them too. If your favourite pack of cones is not available online, simply leave a message and you will be going to get it within the promised time.


New ideas and concepts related to RYO products each day to enhance you smoking experience. This enables us to offer a great collection in the market and win the hearts of our customers.


We have garnered appreciation and praise from our users for not only the consistent quality of our product, but also for its cost-effectiveness. Our products are priced reasonably in comparison to our counterparts and we aspire to deliver premium quality products at affordable rates to enhance your smoking experience to manifold degrees.

New ways of smoking to enhance their experience

We Produce a consistent quality product for you